Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Day

     Yesterday seemed to  be a typical morning. . .until we arrived at the elementary school and I noticed pretty much ALL of the children carrying flowers.
Me:  What's going on?
Cody: Huh?
Cody:  Oh ya!  It's Teacher Appreciation Day today. . .I have to bring my teacher a flower!!!
Me:  What?!!  -It's 7:42!  The bell rings in eight minutes!  Why didn't you tell me about this earlier?!?
Cody:  I don't know. . .we have to go get a flower!
    So, I raced home.  Jumped out of the car.  Grabbed an antique glass bottle (kinda kicking myself now). . . and headed to the Scrap Zone.  There I grab a few quick supplies and threw this this together.
     Cody signed his name. . .clipped a geranium from a plant out front. . .and hopped back in the car (after stopping to pose for a photo, of course! -lol!)    We got back to the school at 7:53 and he had two minutes to race to his classroom.
     Whew!  I am sooo glad we were able to get something together so quickly.  I would have felt terrible if he had not brought something.
      Now I just need to figure out how to get this boy more organized (the note about the flowers was in his backpack -never given to me. . .and today he left his math homework at home. . .we had to race home again to get it!  -ugh!!)
     Well I'm hoping to finish up a few LO's I've been working on. . .if only this migraine would go away. . . .grrr. . .I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)
Have a wonderful day!

love, lisa

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