Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love You Because {Part 1}

So, It's no secret that I'm a huge Ali Edwards fan.  I LOVE documenting pictures and stories. . .and she simply has a knack at getting it done and still having time to make 'the pretty stuff'.
When I began thinking about Valentine's Day this year, I thought that I'd do some sort of 'top 10 reasons I Love You' theme.  With scrappy time limited this week, I decided to go hybrid and complete a lot of the project on the good ol' computer.  I used my Ali Edwards Love You Because layered templates (available at Designer Digitals . . .and btw. . .are 30% off right now) as the base.

Super simple, right?  Open each template, open a picture file for each, plop them on top of each other, print them at whatever size you'd like (I did 4X4's). . .call it good.  Love it!

I've made one for each of my boys and one for my hubby.  On the adjacent page, of this 'to be' mini album, I'm handwriting lots of reasons they are soooo loved (leaving the 'love you because' on each photo and 'hiding' the journaling layers on the template).
I'm doing a Part 1 and Part 2 for this entry. . .simply because I don't want the older boys reading the post and completely know what's to come on Monday (I'd like to think my blog is on their Google Reader. . .and that they read it -lol!).  Part 2 will show the finished mini albums.  I think they turned out super-cute! :)  I did have to control myself. . .and keep them mostly 'manly' for all the man-peeps in my house (I am feeling really out-numbered right now!).
Anyway, this is 'the base' . . .or as I like to call it. . .'the vanilla' to the project.  By starting here this project can go LOTS of different ways. Maybe you'll decide to whip one up too.

Have a wonderful day!

love, lisa

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