Monday, February 14, 2011

Love You Because {Part 2}

   Happy Valentine's Day!  Today I'm sharing 'Part 2' of the 'Love You Because' mini albums I made as Valentine's Day gifts for my family.  Part 1 of the project can be found here
   I will admit. . .after 'the bones' of the project were complete and I sat down to add the details, I had to really restrain myself from 'foof-ing them up'.  I kept reminding myself that no teenage boy is going to want a blinged-out scrapbook on display in his room for others to see.  Soooo, I practiced A LOT of control. . .and kept things super-simple and 'dude-like'. . .in hope that they would be something the boys would keep and love.
    I chose to use kraft paper between each photo.  They were cut to 4X4, outlined with a freehand border, and stamped with X's & O's using a Versamark inkpad. 
   Next, I took each of the kraft paper pages and adhered them to the backs of each photo.  I made sure the pages were in the right order facing the correct direction, punched the holes and added a notebook ring.
   For the cover I used the #10 template from Ali Edwards' Love You Because Layered Template Set.  I hid all the layers except the frame and wording, and printed them onto red paper.  -Still 'dude-like'. . .but a little lovey-  :)
   To complete the gift I hand wrote lots of 'nice stuff' about each of them.  I really wanted them to know just how special they truly are. 
   I hope you liked my 'man-projects'.  :)  I really am happy with how they turned out. . .simple, clean, and they each include special/meaningful messages.
   I'm off now to finish a 'totally foofy' BoBunny Valentine's Mini that I'm making for myself. . .glitter, ribbon, die cuts, chipboard, buttons. . .lots of yummy happy 'foof'!  :)
Have a wonderful day!  . . .And thanks for stopping by.  :)

love, lisa

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Emily Cheney said...

This is such a great idea! I love how you made the album "manly!"