Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hi There

  I have a confession to make.  I'm a paper hoarder.  I have a super-bad habit of loving my paper so much that I won't use it.  I'll pile it up all around my craft area just so I can stare at it.  It just makes me feel good to be surrounded by all of the paper-y goodness. . .and it puts a smile on my face. :)  (I'm a dork, I know!)  :)

These Pebbles papers are no exception.  I finally cut into them. . .and let me tell you. . .it was hard!  I am especially in LOVE with this paper:

Now, if I could only convince them to make it in a fabric so that I could make a cloud quilt to wrap myself in. . .I'd be set! -LOL!

Here is a fun little card I made for Club CK Summer Camp using products from the Pebbles Tree House line.  Aren't those owls the cutest!  I spotted these little guys on the bottom 'discard' area of the paper where they put their product information....Can you believe all of their papers have extra special little strips like these?!  And they aren't a pic of what the pattern on the backside is. . .it's completely different!  Awesome!  I'm definitely gonna have to play with these papers again soon! :)

Well, I hate to post and run. . .but I promised the boys I'd take them to the park to play and have a picnic today.  So, I've gotta run and gather up the goods.  :) 

Have a great day!

love, lisa

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