Friday, May 21, 2010

Out Comes Mom's Sewing Machine

O.k. I know that I'm late with the whole 'machine sewing' on projects thing. And don't get me wrong, I *LOVE* the look of stitching on projects. . .but I've always hand-stitched everything. Well, after seeing yet another adorable machine stitched project by one of my scrappy idols. . .I was sent over the edge. . .and completely caved in to trying it myself.

I've sewn before. . .but here's the catch. . .my Mom always set EVERYTHING up! :) I just had to put the pedal to the metal and go. When she passed away, her sewing machine was something I ended up with. I've had good intentions of figuring out the whole 'bobbin' and 'threading' thing. . .Shoot, I even bought a book called, 'Sewing 101' (no, it's not the 'for dummies' version -LOL!). Anyway, that didn't go well. . .and back into the closet Mom's machine went.

About a week ago, when I saw the latest and greatest project ever, I pulled that thing back out of its storage place. I dusted the case off, and popped the lid off. 'Singer' -it said. . .yep, this is it. . .Mom's old machine. Luckily for was already threaded and ready to go!! Just like the good ol' days! It was as if Mom was nudging me along. . .allowing me the opportunity to succeed so that I would push myself a little harder and continue with learning how to use the machine that she loved so much.

I got the basic bag idea from Michelle Wooderson's blog. I had remembered seeing it, and loving it. . .and I knew that something like it would be the perfect home to all of those cute little seed packets and of course, a card! :) To top off my luck on the day I made this. . .-the sewing machine was threaded with beautiful red thread!! Perfect for the colorful gift I needed packaged up! And yes, you will probably be seeing a LOT of projects with red thread on them for a while. . .at least until it runs out or I figure out how to change it. :)

So, here is the little card I made to go along with my gift for my neighbor (hi E!!). It's not perfect. . .but I did it! :)

Besides the thread. . .I've used lots of Cosmo Cricket papers and embellishments.  The 'cork' circle is a new *FAV*. .  .and you will definitely be seeing a lot more of it on my upcoming projects. :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  See you Monday!!  :)

love, lisa

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kim c said...

i wish my mom hadn't sold her sewing machine in a yard sale, sigh...very cute project