Monday, May 24, 2010


Well, Friday and Saturday were both jammed packed days for me.  It wasn't until late afternoon yesterday that I was able to play in the craft zone (thanks to some crazy cold weather and on/off rain throughout the day that kept the boys mainly inside).  I ended up making a few super easy, gender friendly cards and then a couple more girly ones.  Here they are:

I'm loving the cork.  You can die cut it, stamp on it and today I'm gonna find out if a few other techniques work well on it.  :)  Really looking forward to that.  The denim was another pleasant surprise.  I sent it through the die cut machine, and it cut super-easy!  I don't know if I'd do 'scallops' like these again on a masculine card. . .but in general. . .I love the look of the denim.  I'm thinking I may go back and 'fray' the scallops a bit. . .make it look a little more rugged and dude-like. :)  The 'thank u' card has a strip of a tea towel on it. It's been cut, folded, and flossed.  It looks really soft and feminie.  I'm definitely going to  re-photograph it because the sun was going down and the lighting doesn't do this sweet little card justice.

Have a great day!  I'll have more projects posted tomorrow.  Look forward to 'seeing' you then.  :)

love, lisa

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