Thursday, December 6, 2007

Gotta Love Strong Willed Children

This morning child #2, which I'll simply call #2 from now on, decided to test me. . .(never a smart thing to do @ 7:15 a.m. & before the mama has her coffee). Anyway, his refusal to 'get into the car' so that we could take #1 to school really infuriated me. Especially since I 'played nice' for about 15 minutes before we had to leave. After that the gloves were off. . . : ) *This is the point in the story where I let you decide how the event ended. . . A) I picked the little varmint up, kicking and screaming, and carried him to the car where I had to place him in his carseat and strap him in. -or- B) I walked out of the house with #1 & #4, locked the door behind us, and drove away. . .leaving #2 at home to fend for his temper-tantrum-throwing-self.

*NADM* (Never A Dull Moment)

#1 & #2 are now at school. I just finished talking on the phone to my BFF Sister : ). And I've had a great laugh @ #4's expense. . . You see, #4 was on the den floor rummaging through yesterday's spilt popcorn (apparently he didn't like the Cheerio's & milk I was trying to feed him) when a piece of popcorn caught onto the dripping snot that was hanging off his face. At this point a quick game of 'catch the booger-drenched-popcorn with your tongue' ensued. He eventually give in and grabbed it with his hand and gobbled it up like it was going out of style. -Gross!! -And no, I didn't try to stop him. . .it was tooooo disgusting.

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