Sunday, December 9, 2007

We have finally started decorating the inside of our home for Christmas. Wow! Is it a lot of work! Can't we just leave it up all year?? (I guess we could leave the inside stuff. . .but our outside stuff must come down or the homeowners association would go on a 'fine $$$' frenzy. . .I'll save my true feelings/comments about them in respect for the 'spirit of the holidays')
Anyway, this weekend is simply decorating, watching holiday movies & eating the delicious chocolate covered pretzels we made. . .Yum! I'm saving the holiday madness for later this week (wrapping gifts, last minute Christmas cards & stuff like that).
I am planning to 'winter-clean' my craft area (a.k.a the craft barn) and my room. I'm sure I'll have some lovely stories about those adventures for you tomorrow. Wish me luck!
Enjoy a relaxing weekend. : )

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