Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Project Life ~ Title Page

 So, I'm finally sharing my title page for this year's Project Life album.  I've got lil Studio Calico wood veneer people representing 'US' instagram shot of our home..a pic of the family in Zion over New Year's..and lot's of bits of stuff. 
 I've been collecting old scrabble tiles for our last you can see: we still need W, H & L -lol!! I've folded over a lil glassine bag full of wood veneer, punched golden~paper, & cork hearts..and stapled it with my tiny attacher....There's lots of love here, people...lots! <3 p="">
 More punched cork..I guess old habits die hard (or something like that)...I've been doing this for a long time..I just love how it looks.
Lastly, a little heat embossed halo over Chase's 'person'.  I learned a while ago, that although he is no longer with us..he completes us..and when talking about our family..well..we will always be a family of '6' .
Happy Crafting!

love, lisa

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