Friday, November 2, 2012

Hello November...

I don't know about you...but November really snuck up on me this year. I think it's mainly because of the weather... We still have really warm days and the nights are just barely starting to cool down. We are still going to football practices 3 nights a week, and that is where we have begun to see the signs of fall.
To keep bundled up and warm {while still trying to look 1/2 way cute}, I made this quick and easy blanket to take along to our evening practices.  It's a variation of the knot/tied fleece blankets that I love so much {minus the kid-ish prints I currently own}. I went with a charcoal gray solid, with a aqua and white polka dot the polka dots!!
 This guy is a biggie...I started with 2 yards of each one.
 I also made sure to switch to my 'walking foot' on my sewing machine.  By doing so, the double layer of fleece slipped through the machine easily.
...And it wouldn't be complete without a little personalization.  I stitched this lil heart and our initial to a corner of the charcoal gray piece with some embroidery floss...I just love the rustic~free form stitching of it. It just makes it feel more like 'mine'.
On another note: I just had coffee with my sister {yay!!}and Starbucks is serving drinks in their traditional 'red' holiday cups now!!...I'm starting to feel the holiday itch!  I'm betting a few of these blankets will make it onto my holiday creation/gift list this season...maybe it will for you too!
Have a great weekend!

love, lisa

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