Monday, April 23, 2012

Blurb Book #1

Happy Monday everyone! I say 'happy' only because our upcoming week has got to be a whole heck of a lot easier than the weekend we just survived! (barely) I'm not complaining...just making note of the craziness around here.
Fortunately for me, this weekend was warm...all was down right HOT!! A total sizzler!! Rain and snow the week before and 95+ degrees here on Saturday! -eek!! I totally had to bust out the white legs and summer clothes (sorry neighbors). But that did allow the boys to spend time outside Sunday so that I could have a little 'me' time...and I was pretty excited about that!
I created Book 1 of 2 highlighting our Spring Break Trip using blurb. It was very easy..but time consuming. I spent about 4 hours total uploading photos from my camera and phone, uploading them to the website, selecting the page layouts, and dragging each photo to its new home. The last part took the longest...but it was self inflicted. They do have a handy-dandy auto-fill button. I just wanted to select which photos were full page and which shared a page with know.
My book is ALL PHOTOS. I opted for no words..just memories. Once the book arrives, I plan to go through and handwrite little notes all over it...yep, that's right...all over it! I included good photos, bad photos, grainey photos, cell phone photos, crazy red eye photos, dark photos, goofey, silly, and yes...embarassing photos too! And I'm super-happy to say there were a few GREAT photos in the mix as well!
I included a page with our dog Jake on it. You heard photo of our special dog. I couldn't omit the fact that while we were gone, our Jakey passed away. So, I guess you can add 'suckiest event photo' to the list of photos in this book.
{sigh} In this first book I covered our adventures to Disneyland Resort and Arches National Park. Book 2 will house Bryce Canyon, Zion, Grand Canyon and a couple little stops in between.
If your interested in taking a peek at my book click on this link:
And yes...If you are wondering...I did 'Scrapbook On The Road'. It was soooo much fun scrappin' while we were out n about...and while the memories were still fresh in my head. I still have to pull the whole mini album together...and to be honest...finish up a few pages of journaling that I slacked off on. I can't wait to make time to work on it again.
PS...If you decided to make a book using Blurb...make sure to google a promo code online. I saw several and used a 20% off code in the end. Woo-Woo!

See ya soon!
love, lisa

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