Thursday, June 2, 2011

End of the School Year Teachers Gifts

Today is the last day of school for my older boys.  Here are a few pics of the gift set we sent to Cody's teacher.

I think this gift set came together nicely.  It includes a thank you card with a handwritten message from my son, a small bag of chocolate covered toffee balls, a set of fabric banner paper clips/book markers attached to a school photo, and a gift card to Barnes and Noble for some summer reading. :)

The fabric banner paper clips were inspired by Ashley Ann Campbell's blog post yesterday.  She is amazing!!! (times a million!)  I simply cut my 'flags' a little different and stamped numbers on each of them to make them a little different.

I love how the clips add a pop of color to the black and white school photo they are attached to.  I wanted to incorporate a school photo somehow. . .because after today our Meadow Creek Elementary School will be closing its doors.  :(  The district plans to turn it into a charter school next year.  So. . .the blue and white mountain lions, paw prints, earth day sidewalk mural, signage and other Meadow Creek ephemera will be removed. The kids have all been re-zoned to other schools.  The teachers and staff moved elsewhere or let go.  :(  This has been a real heart breaker for me because as long as this school has been open, I've had at least one student enrolled there.  Next year, my youngest should have been a kindergartner there.  -Anyway. . .it's just a super-hard day for me.  I'm glad I was able to use this photo in the gift set.

On another happy/sad note. . .I've got to get going! :)  Today is my last, 'Natey and Mommy' day (our last day with just us. . .after today the older boys will be on their summer break. . .and when school starts up again in August all 3 will be leaving me -sad face-).  So, I'm off to the park and library. . .and most likely a stop at Carl's Jr for his favorite lunch treat -chicken stars.

Have a wonderful day!

love, lisa

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Michelle said...

These are great, Lisa!! We are in school a few more days... last day is next Tuesday.