Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Toy

I found this little gem at an estate sale Friday afternoon.  I am really looking forward to getting it all cleaned up so I can use it on a layout or two. 
It's a 'Wards Signature 440' and the font is kinda. . .-'signature-y'  :) 

I think that it's pretty cute. . .not what I expected. . .but it's growing on me. :)
And as you can see. . .red ink too!

The best part of it was explaining to my 14 year old how it works.  He was completey amazed!!  I was cracking up :)

And the littlest had to squat right down on top of the table to get a closer view of it. (Cody was with his church group and missed out on our test run today)

I'm gonna try and put it to use now. . .Wish me luck! :)

love, lisa

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Michelle said...

I would love to find a typewriter for journaling!!!! I should keep a look out for one! ;) Great find, Lisa!