Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two Photo Printing Deals

Just popping in to share a photo printing deal (or two) that I recently ran into.  :)

First, I had 8X12 enlargements printed at Costco yesterday.  They were only $1.49 each!  Best of all, I ordered online and they were ready at the store in an hour!!!  Yaaa! :)

Second, I was checking out my other favorite printing spots to find the best deal on other size prints when I stumbled across this:
ScrapbookPictures.com is offering 12X12 prints for $1.25!  Whew-whew!  I love this company. . .Their site was a little difficult to navagate initially. . .but once you get the hang of it. . .it's cake. :)  Their prints are top-notch, customer service -awesome, and they always arrive quick and in perfect condition.  Love them. . .Give 'em a try! :)

I have projects to post. . .so I hope to see you soon!

love, lisa

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