Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Teachers Gifts

So last night while I was frantically cleaning up the house before going to bed, I realized that I hadn't yet made Holiday Gifts for the kids teachers. . .and I needed them for today. 
I love creating for those that give so much to my kids and my family. . .and always wish that we could do more.  So, although I was beat, I pulled up a chair and started brainstorming. . .but the 'storm' was more like a 'drizzle'.  My mojo was already in bed asleep.  I was soooo tired I felt like crying.  And at that moment an image popped into my head.  I remembered seeing a super-cute gifty gift on Michelle Wooderson's blog (I'm a big fan of her creations).  I whipped open my computer and looked it up.  After totally scrap-lifting her basic idea. . .this is what I ended up with.

It's a glassine bag with the bottom folded up and sewn on 3 sides to make a pocket.  After decorating it and adding a gift card and chocolate squares, the top was folded over (like an envelope) and tied closed with a green ribbon.  I added a homemade tag and called it good. :)
I really like this, considering it was made last minute :)  Thank goodness for Michelle and her crafty wisdom. . .I totally give her credit for saving me on this one! :)
A second thing that saved me last night, was the stockpile of basic holiday greetings I had created for last minute gifts. 

I ended up grabbing 3 of these cards, a starbucks gift card for each, and several Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark Squares to make quick gifts for the Security Staff at the High School.  They are in charge of the morning traffic at the school. . .and do an AWESOME job.  I always feel like a giant jet coming in for a landing, with the Security Staff using their hand signals to control the flow and direction of both car and pedestrian traffic. . .they really handle things over there. . .and with a smile on their face to boot! :) 
Anyway. . .my oldest was MORTIFIED that I was going to roll down my window and pass the holiday greeting cards out. . .so I ended up making 2 passes today in order to give them.  :)
I HIGHLY recommend having something like this on hand.  These are basic 4 1/4 square cards with Jillibean Soup Journaling Sprouts (LOVE these) on the front.  I then took a simple sentiment and stamped it in green on the front. . .and another (Happy Holidays) stamp on the inside.  They are simple and universal. . .good for just about any last minute gift you may need.
I hope that your holiday plans are beginning to come together.  Mine are. . .but very slowly.  We finally have a Christmas Tree and we are starting to replace the items in our home that were displaced due to the broken pipes in the bathroom.  Hopefully by the end of the day. . .our home will look more like a home. . .and feel a little more 'Christmas-y'.  :) 
love, lisa

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Arlene Camacho said...

oh, these are gorgeous, Lisa....I can't imagine that you didn't have any mojo to do these....