Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Greetings Wreath

I love Christmas Cards.  :)  Love making them and definitely receiving them.  I usually place them in some sort of wire basket on our coffee table. . .but nothing really special.  I've looked for holiday card displays in the past, but never found just the right one.  The closest thing I found was one from Pottery Barn. . .but I couldn't bring myself to pay that much for a seasonal item. 
Then I saw this craft on the Martha Stewart website a few weeks ago.  Her wreath called for those adorable mini clothespins. . .but if you know me. . .mini isn't my thing.  Big and rustic is right up my alley. :)
Here's how I put mine together:
Using an embroidery hoop as a base, add your clothespin size of choice (small, medium, or large) using hot glue.  I used a 12 inch hoop (that I snatched up in a pile of sewing stuff that belonged to my Mom before she passed away. . .love using this sort of sentimental stuff to make things. . .it's a happy reminder of her each time I look at it). . .and of course I chose the large clothespins.  You can add as many clothespins as you like, even alternating the direction they face. . .some in & some out (I chose all outward facing).

Next, I added a felt snowflake (that I found three for $1 in Target's ornament area) using some clear fishing line.  This way it sorta looks like it's floating.

A strip of green twill ribbon and a push pin hold it up for display.

I put a few cards on it so you can see how it'll look. 
This craft is fast and cheep.  It was completed in about 10 minutes.  And if I were to go out and buy the items to make it. . .it would total under $5 (vs. the Pottery Barn ones that I really do love. . .found here & here for $50-$70).
Hope your staying dry, finishing up your Christmas 'stuff', and making time for yourself to make some crafts! :)

love, lisa

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