Tuesday, August 5, 2014

13 thirteen

So, my middle turned 13 yesterday and to say he was excited would be an understatement! He had 'big plans' to stay awake until he was 'actually 13'. Well, staying awake until 5:15 a.m. is a tough job...even for a kid that's been conditioning for the feat all summer long by staying up to watch movies and play video games after bedtime.
When I woke up, I saw the light on in his room and thought, 'Wow..he did it'. But, as I opened his door, I saw him ~still fully dressed~ planted face down in a pillow! I shut the door quickly so I wouldn't wake him with my laughing!!
He rolled out of bed ~with swollen eyes~ around 11 a.m. He was greeted by a 'balloon bomb' (balloons pinned between a closed door and plastic ~aka trash bags~ taped to the outer door frame..when the door opens all the balloons burst into the room, pretty startling...but kinda funny..and it's been a great tradition for the boys!). I'd love to post the pics of his reaction..but..he was only wearing chonies..and he has a reputation to uphold.
The birthday donut. This kid LOVES the birthday donut! I'm pretty sure it's because he gets sweets twice in one day! But hey..it's his birthday right?
His day was filled with good eats and swimming at a neighbors' pool..and with his Dad working a '96' (4, 24 hours shifts in a row) and not being able to see him on his special day..he was able to negotiate a 1 on 1 trip to the Souplantation later this week.
Happy Birthday, Cody! I love you with all my heart.
love, lisa

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Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Cody!! (oh gosh, your poor hubby!! Long hours!)