Saturday, November 16, 2013

Since my last post. . .

We've gone on a houseboat trip, replaced a boat trailer after destroying the original one in the desert, a couple beach trips, started school, had braces put on, another river trip, had a great lunch date with my sister, had enough dental work to easily blow through this year's insurance max, played in an awesome thunderstorm, a hospital visit, a broken down car, a lost tooth, driving lessons, a power outage, a new travel baseball team, winter baseball season, our summer garden out - and the winter garden in, Sunday School teaching, baseball tournaments, arrival of Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte and fall foods, a romantic getaway to ....Barstow -lol!, Birthdays, Disneyland trips, a successful heart surgery, a camping trip, Halloween, did I mention baseball?!#, the plague arrived, SAT's, an overnight college interest visit (now taking donations), and another procedure at the hospital (someone is on a roll!).
I've taken 2000+ iPhone pics and 3500+ DSLR pics. I just got my scrappin' ju-ju back and have completed an Ali Edwards 'Week in the Life' project, am starting my December Daily album prep, and wait for it...finally listed a few items on my etsy shop site. I had been outta sorts for a while...feels so good to be getting my groove back.
I hope all is well with you.  I hope to post project pics soon :)

love, lisa

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