Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Project Life | How I Catch Up

Today, I wanted to share my take on 'gettin' it done'.  I am super-crazy-nearly a lost cause..behind on this years' Project Life album.  But the funny thing is...I'm not too worried.  I have so many little tricks that help my stories, pictures and memorabilia stay organized, that it's still easy to pull out and get done. 
Now, let me just say...many of these 'tricks' are suggestions from fellow PL'ers & not my own.  I listen/read about what has worked for them...and tweak it to work for me.  Easy-peasy.
As far as 'gettin' it done'....well, I've seen MANY people's versions of catching up...and mine may be pretty similar. It all boils down to keeping it super-simple. Here's Week 27:
 For this week, I stepped out of my comfort zone (I'm a hard-core Design A girl) and used Photo Pocket Pages -Design C and a 4X6 insert (American Crafts).  By doing this, I was able to cut 12 4X6 pieces of pattern paper, add photos, and slip 'em in. Part of 'keeping it simple' for me is decreasing the amount of embellishment that are added. 
Here are some of my favorite go-to, quick-n-easy embellishments for a catch up week:
1. Wood Veneer shapes & Washi Tape
2.  Stamps (I designed, and had this one made)
3.  Word and Phrase stickers
4.  Confetti -talk about ultimate impact!
5.  Punched shapes & Tiny Attacher staples
6.  Stitching
7.  Cut patterned paper
8.  Journaling stickers

When planning to do a catch up week, and needing to just get it done, I grab a stash of the items listed above and add just enough to make it look 'done'. 

Left side without insert:
 Right side without insert:
 Right side with insert (I love the confetti..and my 'love this' stamp! -lol!)
 Left side with insert: is the insert (front) on it's own:
Soooo, pull out a bunch of 'stuff' you like (buttons, stamps, washi etc) and keep it simple.  You'll be glad that it's done.
love, lisa

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