Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In Progress 5.8.12

I had a bit of a crafty melt~down yesterday -lol!!  It just felt like life was pulling me around in a ga~zillion directions...and I NEEDED a break.  So..I left the dishes in the sink, stopped rotating the laundry, left pantry groceries on the counter, put my cell phone on vibrate, closed my calendar/organizer, and stopped looking at my gi~normous 'to-do' list....and flicked on the light in my craft zone.  I just had to make something...anything really...to get this frazzled head of mine screwed back on.  *AND IT FELT SO.GOOD!*

I hope to have a chance to finish this layout today and share with you very soon.
I hope you have a 'frazzle~free' day! :)

love, lisa

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