Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Project Life 2012 Week 1

I'm finally making it around to sharing pics of this year's Project Life layouts.  I am still trying to get my title/opening page just right...but feel I'm off to an o.k. start :)
I'm a Monday-Sunday Project Lifer...but as so many others did...I've gone Sunday-Sunday this week in order to snag January 1st in this spread.
Besides the stamped dates like I did last year, I'm going to include 'Week 1' etc.  I think that it will help me see and appreciate just how much I have accomplished as the week numbers increase.
Here's the left side.  Lots of photos this week.  I snapped a shot of the TV as the clock struck midnight {I'll confess...It was the east coast midnight...Not our west coast midnight-lol!}.  Along with New Year's came resolution time...so I also got pics of my walks and health food shopping.  The one on the bottom is of the littles un-decorating the tree...everyone loves 'playing' with twinkling lights -right!? :)  I really had to restrain myself from adding 'tags' and 'labels' to each of the photos.  That's the way I usually roll...but wanted to let the photos kinda speak for themselves. 
Still *LOVING* having a 'recap' journaling card.  I just know that I'm going to love looking back at these and remebering the details of our everyday life.  {Thanks Michelle Wooderson for that idea!}
Here's the right side.  We've got pics of Saturday morning Starbuck's with Kyle before his Chemistry Academy, donuts for the littles, Natey smacking away at the typewriter keys, new shoes, breakfast out with the hubs, a blog update and our first adventure to the drive in movies! 
 I stamped the word 'FUN' onto the bottom corner of the drive in movie photo with white ink.
This week I chose to use a bunch of Crate Paper 'Farmhouse' papers and embellishments.  I love this line...and have a secret stash hiding in my 'craft zone' for a later date :) he~he.  I was going to chop off the edge of the paper where the product information is printed...but decided to keep it because the font and contrast against the other layer really appealed to me.
Here, I added an insert...I know, I know...week 1 and I'm already adding an insert.  This is how I ended up with 2 albums last year.  I said that I was going to 'cut down' a bit.  BUT, I had such a fun date day with my hubby that I just had to include it. :)  I used a Pink Paislee insert to include 17 photos and a journaling card.  The cards have been trimmed down to 2x3 and the corners all rounded.

Here are the front and back shots of the insert.  There are a lot of really random shots here.  We did it as a prank on our oldest son.  We texted the photos throughout the day, while he was as school, seeing if he could guess where we had gone! -lol!! Boy was he mad when he figured out we had gone to Disneyland! :)
This last one is what the insert page looks like between the spread.  Love the little yellow butterfly..it is actually attached on top of the page protector.

So, that's it for now.  I hope your PL pages are going great!!  If you haven't started (sister)...get to it!! You won't be sorry :)

love, lisa


Michelle said...

This is really neat! I am glad you are enjoying it. You have some great memories recorded. :) Happy Valentine's Day.

Jenny said...

still loving your little details! thanks for the details on those darn cute inserts!