Sunday, August 7, 2011

Creative Scrappers #168 | Sew Smile

Sewwww... (pun intended)... I've been moonlighting. :)  I have been learning to sew on a new machine that I received for my birthday last March.  Previously I had been sewing mostly on scrapbook pages and protectors with my Mom's machine...but sewing something soft and fabric-y :) was what I really wanted to do.
I've been 'garage sewing' with my neighbor, 'front porch sewing' myself (I sew outside so that I can still 'craft' while still watching my kids ride bikes and play etc...nothing like killing two birds with one stone!), and I've taken a begining quilt class. 
So far I've completed a lot of straight lines on scrap fabric, two little girl skirts, and 1/2 a quilt-like totebag.  I've learned that just like any other hobby. . .there is always something else you 'need' (fabric, 'notions', different 'feet' for your sewing machine etc.).  So it's been quite the adventure thus far.
With all of the sewing going on, how could I not incorporate the theme into a LO.  So....(I feel like I'm saying 'so' and 'sew' a lot today!) here is this week's sketch and LO for Creative Scrappers: let me say upfront.  This LO did not photograph well (obviously).  I've tried retaking pictures at several times throughout the day.  It never fails...the orange mist looks crazy! -ugh.  I guess it's just frustrating because in 'real life' it looks just fine...but I can't get over it.
 Soooo, :)  I think it's gonna be another 'make-over Monday' over here.  Look for an updated version of this LO here tomorrow on the blog-a-roo!  Most of the elements will stay the same or similar...but changes will be made! :)

See ya tomorrow with the improved (hopefully) LO! :)

love, lisa

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Michelle said...

This is sew cute!!! hee!hee! K.. couldn't resist. ;) Truly though, it is a fun page. The tape reminds me of my tape measure in my sewing box. I have a Janome sewing machine. I have used it, but not for a long time! I need to reconfigure my scrap room somehow to incorporate a place to put my machine.. then get over my aversion to sewing on paper! Maybe I should dig out those patterns I bought a while ago for pajama pants for my kids and make those! :)