Friday, March 25, 2011

Scrappy Nerd. . .

    -LOL!  :)  I am proud to admit that I am a total 'scrappy nerd'!!  I do silly things all the time when it comes to this hobby.  One of the dorkiest being checking out the galleries I post on, to see if I made any of their 'featured' spots.  Crazy, I know :)  Anyway, TODAY was one of the days that my efforts paid off.  I have a card featured on the gallery! -Yes, I know. . .they do pick a handful of projects and rotate the images throughout the day (not that I go back and check the site multiple times per day or anything. . .he-he!).  But one of mine was there today. . .Yaaaa!  Happy Dance!
    Here is the card:

    Loving the new Jillibean Soup stamps.  Super-fun. . .super-versatile!!  You should definitely check them out (available here).  I've been playing around with them and have already created 7 new cards!  I'll be sharing some of them with you soon.
    Thanks for stopping by!!  I'll be back Monday with a new project or two.  Have a wonderful weekend!

love, lisa

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