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Holiday Cards

If you know me. . .you know that I LOVE to mass produce cards.  Holiday cards, of course, are my FAVORITE.  With such a busy schedule this year. . .and a super-tight-budget. . .I've limited my mass production to 'simple cards with heart.'  :)  I've listed them on my etsy shop (okie~dokie~artichokie) in hopes that others will *eat 'em up*.  There will be more items added soon.  Here are a few shots:


These were all made during my Thursday - Craft Day #2. . .which I'll admit. . .is a lot of fun.  I also created more of my banners, a mini album, and a set of thank you's.

On another note, the new All About Me Challenge is up. . .you should check it out! : )  I might end up making more than one layout for my own personal stash.  It's such a great prompt. . . .You know what. . .let me copy/paste it here for you. . .*Hopefully they don't mind*:

AAM challenge #4} A Turning Point in your life

Hi you all!
Miranda here with the new challenge from All About Me.

I think everyone has had a turning point in their life. A moment your life changed, even if you didn't realize it at the moment. It can be something small, a big event, a choice you made, that influenced your life and had a huge impact. Of course it can be a happy turning point, but it may be a sad one too.
So... what was a turning point in your life??

For me the biggest turning point of my life was a sad one. One that happened when I was only two years old. And I didn't know it influenced me that bad, till a few months ago. It took me 40 years to realize what impact that event had on my life.
When I was just 2, my mom was expecting a baby. A little brother or sister for me. We were all looking forward to that. But it didn't turn out that way. My little brother died at birth after 9 months pregnancy. Of course my parents were very sad and that changed my life a lot. I tried to be a sweet girl and don't do them any more pain. And that meant I wasn't myself anymore.... It influenced my whole life and the way I treated other people and myself. The death of my brother didn't get a good place in mine and my parents life.
So after 40 years I made a new turning point, and made a dragon-fly to remember my little brother. Now he has his one place in our family and that feels so good!

Of course my turning point is a very emotional one, but I wanted to share it with you any way!
Think about your turning point and if it was a sad one, I hope you have the courage to scrap it. But, happy turning points have to be scrapped too. So please share it with us!

You can use the sketch we provided for this month, but you don't have to! Only use it if it helps you get started.

This month's fabulous sketch is courtesy of scrapsketch.

Here are all the Design team's creations. Let's take a look at their turning points!


I lived in Guatemala for a year and it changed how I view the world and my surroundings in an amazing way.  I tell people all the time - Get OUT of your bubble and experience a place where what we view as necessity, is luxury.  What we consider important, is frivolous.  It's worth it. More details can be found on my blog.
See blog for more detail.



See blog for more detail.


See blog for more detail.


The base of my design is a small portion of a huge map we once had hanging in our study. I used this month's sketch to complete the challenge, moving the elements down into the bottom left corner so that there was plenty of negative space in my layout. Journalling reads - "I learnt so much from these people with so little." The 'back story' will be on my blog.
See blog for more detail.


See blog for more detail.



See blog for more detail.


Journaling reads: Life never was the same when I started scrapping in April 2008.  I'm a number person - - I have Economics and Accounting as my backgrounds - - so I myself was kinda surprised by my artistic/creative side.  Scrapbooking allowed me to celebrate memories I hold most dear and document and share life's lessons.  It is a turning point for me and now definitely an all consuming passion.

See blog for more detail.


See blog for more detail.

Kara Haupt (October Guest Designer)

Thank you so much for joining us this month Kara!  It was a real treat!

If you didn't already, make sure you bookmark Kara's blog (found to the right in the links area).  She has such great inspiration to share!

Get those layouts in so you can be eligible to win a PDF version of Kara's hugely popular Life Story Class from her super cute Etsy Shop The Sequined Shoe. So, remember to add the link to your layout in the Mr. Linky, or someone else will win that prize!

Note: Links added to Mr. Linky need to have the 'url' of where your layout is.  This will help make you eligible for the prize and will take us directly to your layout.  Thanks for your help!

With love, 
Miranda and the AAM team!

Aren't all of their layouts AWESOME?!?!?   Now you can probably see why I might do more than one 'turning point' layout for myself (it's o.k. -go ahead and laugh!  -I am).  MAYBE I'll do the page for the challenge. . .and a mini of all the major turning points for myself. . . .the possibilities are endless. . .and I'm rambling.  :)  oops.

So, what are ya waiting for. . .go get crafty!!  That's what weekends are for.

love, lisa

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Kim said...

great cards! I definitely believe that simple is better when it comes to card-making. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration! :)